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Supporting Our Community

Robust Core Services Benefit Our Community.  Oklahoma state government functions underpin our quality of life, providing essential infrastructure and services on a scale that individual citizens alone cannot accomplish. 

Adequately funding Oklahoma state agencies ensures that programmatic missions are accomplished.  Our tax dollars support critical core services, such as ensuring:

  • Access to clean and safe water;
  • Fire and law enforcement first responders are ready when emergencies and natural disasters strike;
  • Students are prepared to succeed in the 21st century workforce;
  • Weights and measures inspectors facilitate equity in the marketplace;
  • Social services for children and the elderly;
  • Transportation corridors are maintained to facilitate commerce and the movement of goods; and
  • Building, road and bridge safety (just to highlight a few!)

I recognize and appreciate the many state and local government workers who have chosen a career in public service (#ThankYou).  Many serve unrecognized for their roles in making Oklahoma a great place to live and raise a family including our law enforcement officers, fire departments, 911 operators, inspectors, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodial staff,  librarians, counselors, nurses, health-care workers, teachers, and state agency employees.  These individuals provide our community with so much!

For far too long, lack-luster elected state representatives have cut funding, undermining the delivery of core services.  In the last 8 years we have seen devastating and massive cuts.  Without these core state services, our quality of life suffers.  I'm ready to Focus on Our Future by returning to 2010 tax rates and restoring fiscal support for core state services.

I will pursue a legislative agenda that supports workers, including those at all levels of government.

Law Enforcement Professionals

  • Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act - Legislation to guarantee the right of public employees to bargain collectively with their employers over hours, wages and conditions of employment.  Mandate that State laws provide minimum collective bargaining rights to their public safety employees while prohibiting strikes and lockouts.
  • State and Local Law Enforcement Discipline, Accountability and Due Process Act -  would provide a "bill of rights" for law enforcement officers to address the need for a minimum level of procedural protections for law enforcement officers who are denied their due process rights by police administrators and management in noncriminal proceedings.

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