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Supporting the U.S. Armed Forces

I support the United States Armed Forces and advocate for Oklahoma veterans.  Programs that promote civilian transition, including training that builds on military knowledge and experience, physical and mental health services, and homelessness prevention are essential.

Thank you to all veterans for your sacrifice.

I have a long heritage of family members that have served this great nation, including: 

  • U.S. Air Force:  Jennifer Carnes
  • U.S. Army:  Larry J.Morrow, Willie L. Carnes, Everett L. B. Ragan (POW), Waymeth Noline Mahanes Ragen (Women's Army Corp), John E. DeLozier
  • U.S. Navy:  James B. Scott, 
  • U.S. Marine Corps:  Henry L. Scott, Steven J. Scott, Franklin E.G. Scott


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