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Campaign Contributions

I greatly appreciate each and every campaign contribution that my campaign receives.   Each donation is very meaningful to me.

You've made a decision to walk up to me giving me a contribution, write a check & mail it, or you've gone on-line.  You've made a personal commitment to support my campaign and demonstrate your confidence in me!

By donating today, you are creating momentum for positive change and focusing on the future with your decision to support my campaign.

I urge EVERYONE 18 years or older to make a commitment to get new voters registered, get inactive voters 'active', carpool voters, contribute financially, or volunteer your time.

My campaign continues to significantly rely on my family fiscal contributions, a commitment we are happy to make because we believe practical change is needed at the Oklahoma State Capitol more than ever. 

More information on how to CONTRIBUTE is available on this website.

Thank you for your friendships, love, support, and confidence.

With a winning spirit,


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