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Featured Endorsement: Mischell Harrah

After work yesterday I passed out literature for a dear friend of mine who is running for state office. I'm determined to spread the word.

Have you heard Northwest Classen's own Sarah Carnes is running for HD47? If you know Sarah and know she's running, have you shared her message and why she is running? Have you shared her posts? Have you looked to see where she stands on the issues? If you haven't, why not? Everyone knows someone who lives in House District 47. Go to to find out more about Sarah.

This isn't about party lines! This is about a woman, a smart, educated, heart for service, hard working, fierce woman, wanting to make a positive impact on fellow Oklahomans. We need more people like Sarah who want Oklahoma to be ranked much higher than the upper 40's in education. We need more people like Sarah who are willing to step across party lines and represent ALL Oklahomans.

She loves teaching, but she decided after the teacher's strike that she had enough. She was brave enough to throw her hat in the ring. She is going against a candidate who has a lot more money to spend on a campaign than she does. Remember she's a teacher IN Oklahoma. You don't have to be a mathematician to know she doesn't have access to pools of money to spend on a campaign. She's relying on talking to as many people as possible in her district, donations from individuals and organizations, as well as the help of volunteers to win this campaign. She is working tirelessly to get her message out. Sarah has a great team of volunteers that she affectionately calls "The Dream Team." Sarah knows she couldn't do this alone. She could always use more volunteers, especially this close to the election.

BTW her opponent doesn't have children in the public school system, which I find interesting. There's nothing wrong with sending your kids to a private school, but wouldn't it be nice to have public schools that are a close comparison to private schools? That could be a reality if education was a priority. I think it makes sense to have legislators that have children attending public schools. Why? I feel that they have more of a stake in the race when their children are getting a public education.

I have known Sarah since high school. She's one of the most fantastic humans on the planet. I believe she would be an asset in our state legislature especially when it comes to policies on education and small business. Her area is part of south OKC, Tuttle, Mustang and Yukon. She's been an educator 24 years. I believe 22 of those years were spent in the OKC Public Schools and this is her second year at Mustang High School. Not only is she an educator, but she's also been a small business owner. Sarah has a heart for service. She's spent 24 years impacting the lives of children in Oklahoma now she feels it's time to positively impact the people in House District 47 as well as Oklahomans outside her district.

I'm going out today after work to pass out literature educating constituents in HD47 about Sarah and her message. Who wants to help me? If you want to help on Thursday after 5:45 pm, please message me. If you can't help me pass out literature, but would like to volunteer please contact Sarah. Remember even if you can't donate or volunteer you could always share her posts. You never know who might see it. Don't just talk about doing/getting involved, doing requires action. Come on people (especially fellow NW Classen alumni) let's get behind a qualified candidate and help her win. Oklahomans cannot afford more of the same!

Mischell Harrah

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