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Vote for a Proven Leader on November 6th

I need your vote to focus on our future at the Capitol. If elected, you will get an honest, trustworthy, passionate, and dedicated advocate in me. I’m focused on achieving a high quality of life, economic success and stability, and a bright future for all constituents.

What do everyday people have to say about me? 

  • "Sarah Carnes has an abounding energy, a vision for the future with a plan to get it done, and a love for people. She has already shown she has what it takes to serve the public." — Christine Wagner
  • "When you vote for Sarah Carnes, you are voting for someone who will be the voice of her constituents." — Kendra J. Abel, Ph.D.

  • "I have known Sarah Carnes for years through church and she has been a wonderful influence through my adolescence! This was my first vote ever and I was so proud to give it to her." — Sarah Eckert
  • "I think a lot of Oklahomans are looking for representatives like Sarah Carnes, that are willing to use common sense, fairness, and a moral compass as a voice for their constituents." — Paul Gibson

  • "Sarah Carnes would not be purely partisan, as too many of our representatives have been, but instead would work with both parties to advance the interests of everyday Oklahomans." — Dennis Purifoy
  • "Sarah Carnes will be a breath of fresh air at the State Capitol because she looks for solutions, rather than getting bogged down in party politics." — Jody Harlan

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