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HD 47 Community

My team and I are out in the HD 47 daily. See what we've been up to!
(6/25/2018). Mustang Toastmasters (6/25/2018).
Thank you Dream Team volunteers Kevin & Marita (not pictured) Stout (6-24-2018). Dream Team volunteers Michelle Barnes, Miss Carnes, and Miss Carnes (6-24-2018).
Sarah Carnes and constituent Stetson Franks, OKC (6-24-2018). Kevin Stout and Michelle Barnes knocking on doors in Mustang (6/23/2018).
Jeramy and Miss Carnes campaigning to Elect Sarah Carnes for HD 47 (6/23/2018). Miss Carnes distributing literature in the community (6/23/2018).
Sarah and Miss Carnes campaigning in Mustang (6/23/2018). Sarah Carnes - Focused on Our Future (6/23/2018).
Renee Boatman requested signs today.  She's displaying signs in her family's yard, demonstrating her commitment to vote that will move us towards our future (6/22/2018). Jeramy Carnes installing campaign yard signs (6/22/2018).
Nicholas and Cheryl Gregg stood out in the afternoon sun and heat hold signs in support of Sarah Carnes!  2018 Dream Team volunteers (6/22/2018). Many thanks to Skip, Betty (not pictured) and Jaden for your support. Tuttle (6/21/2018).
Big Beautiful Oklahoma Sky. Tuttle (6/21/2018). Sarah and Jeramy Carnes, Tuttle (6/21/2018).
Miss Carnes and Sarah Carnes, Tuttle (6/21/2018). Elect Sarah Carnes, Tuttle (6/21/2018).
It doesn't get better than this glorious sky! Tuttle (6/21/2018). Stop and read these historical markers.  History runs deep in HD 47. Tuttle (6/21/2018).
Highway 152 (6/20/2018). Keep an eye out for my HUGE banners and give us a wave "Hello" when you see the team around HD 47 (6/20/2018).
Jamie Gardner and Sarah Carnes (6/20/2018). Jamie Gardner and Cherry Rain with Sarah Carnes (6/20/2018).
Dream Team campaign volunteer Chris Henry has been walking for several candidates this week while on vacation. Chris is dedicated to Oklahoma constituents and community service!(6/20/2018). Greetings from Westbury South(6/19/2018).
Greetings from Westbury South(6/19/2018). We delivered a sign to our proud and supportive friends out in West HD 47.  Tara and Jason Hatcher were amazingly welcoming and supportive.  Tara and my husband Jeramy have known each other for many years.  Thank you both for your support! (6-15-2018)
The youngest members of the Hatcher family (6-15-2018). The Hatcher's horses (6-15-2018).
Brian Freeman, a teacher, is now sporting a yard sign and committed to vote for Sarah Carnes for HD 47! (6/15/2018). Another Dream Team Volunteer Cheryl Drabek - counting her steps supporting Sarah Carnes for House District 47! (6/15/2018).
Another Dream Team Volunteer Cheryl Drabek - counting her steps supporting Sarah Carnes for House District 47! (6/15/2018). Debbie was my neighbor from Westbury South.  We have remained friends for 15 years! She requested a sign and now it's been delivered. She is spreading the word on who she supports!  (6-13-2018)
Canadian County Democrats - Candidate Forum (6-11-2018). Looking forward to participating in the Mustang Toastmasters Club (6-11-2018).
Great to meet Shawn Hagan of Mustang (6/11/2018). Please to meet Leon Piniski of Mustang (6/11/2018).
Thank you for displaying a yard sign! It's such a joy to drive through the community and see neighbors showing their support for my grassroots campaign.  :-)  (6/11/2018) Show your support and commitment to vote during the primary election on Tuesday, June 26, 2018.  Claim your yard sign by contacting 405-806-0567 or emailing (6/11/2018).
I'm enjoying meeting each and every one of you, learning your concerns, and sharing how I'm focused on our future (6/11/2018).

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