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Thank you to all my supporters, including those engaging with my campaign on Social Media!  Your words provide others with insight on my character, passion, and commitment to Oklahoma House District 47.

Sandy Garrett endorses Sarah Carnes for Representative for House District 47.  Garrett is the former Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction, serving 20 years (5 elected terms from 1991 to 2011).

  — Sandy Garrett

I confidently endorse Sarah Carnes for House District 47. 

Sarah has 20+ years experience in the classroom, received numerous teaching awards, and is a proven leader in our community. 

I’ve known Sarah Carnes for three years. In all she does, Sarah exemplifies intelligence, honesty, fairness, and dedication. Sarah will use those qualities in the state legislature to help create a better Oklahoma for us all. 

Join me in supporting Sarah Carnes for State House 47!

— Representative Mickey Dollens

Sarah Carnes is the only candidate for House District 47 Representative endorsed by Sally's List.

Sally's List is a nonpartisan organization with a clear mission: to recruit, train, and help elect progressive women to public office in Oklahoma.

— Sally's List

Sarah Apple Endorsement

Oklahoma Parents and Educators for Public Education (OPE4PE) have recognized Sarah Carnes, HD 47 candidate, with an Apple of Support for Public Education.  "I am proud to be recognized as a supporter of public education.  My dedication over 20 years as a career educator demonstrates my steadfast commitment to Oklahoma students, their parents, and our community.  I am Focused on Education...Focused on Our Future!" said Sarah Carnes when she received the news.  The LIST is available online.

— Oklahoma Parents and Educators for Public Education

I want to talk to Yukon/Mustang people about Sarah Carnes. She is a teacher running for office. I’ve met her personally and she has her ducks in a row.

She understands the business of politics, while also being strongly supportive of education. She talks with constituents and makes time to understand their needs. She actually listens and answers questions. She knows her stuff, and has a plan that will work. She’s a teacher, so she also has a backup plan that will work. 

I ask YOU to vote for Sarah Carnes, no matter what your political party may be. She is not an extremist, she has a great head on her shoulders, and she actually cares. She’s the sensible, smart, and caring person that we need to represent our district.

Most importantly- She’s not using this as a springboard to run for some other office. She’s here for us, to represent our district and our needs.

— Rhonda Bryant

I'm a die hard Republican and I support her.

— Michael Knipp

I've known Sarah a very long time. She is a woman with strong beliefs and a desire to find the changes that will best benefit everyone around her. Sarah isn't afraid to voice her opinions, and doesn't just stop with speaking her mind.

She will get in the trenches and fight for what she believes is right with a tenacity not often seen. Her passion is incredible. I believe in Sarah. She is great woman who wants to make a positive difference. If you vote for her, you can confidently know that she will put her heart and soul into making Oklahoma a better place to live. Good luck, Sarah. I'm so proud of you. ❤

— Autumn Taylor

If you are in District 47, VOTE for Sarah Carnes and let's create some change together! Proud of you lady!!

— Erin Cheek

Sarah, it was our honor and that you would drive so far in a deluge to participate says volumes. Lordy, I don't know how I missed you in 94?! But that was the year of my TBI and back injury. We'd have been a good fit! You'd have loved Adams! Let's get you in the Legislature!

— Barbara Cox, Oklahoma Democratic Disability Caucus

Cassie and I have known Sarah for years and agree that she would be the kind of representative we need at our State capitol. She would not be purely partisan, as too many of our representatives have been, but instead would work with both parties to advance the interests of everyday Oklahomans. As a teacher, she will be especially effective in moving our State off the bottom of education rankings. If you don't like how our State has worked for several years, vote for a different kind of representative. Vote for Sarah! — Dennis Purifoy

I had the privilege of meeting Sarah Carnes at a friends house tonight and what a joyful personality she will bring to the HD #47 when elected.  She is very knowledgeable and willing to work hard to make changes that we need in the house.  A vote for Sarah will be well worth it. — Diane Skelley

I met Sarah in the spring of 2018 when she decided to run for House District 47. She is hard-working, creative, organized, friendly and smart. She will be a breath of fresh air at the State Capitol because she looks for solutions, rather than getting bogged down in party politics.

I hope you will vote for Sarah Carnes on November 6. She will be a a voice for all the people, not special interests. Please tell your friends.

— Jody Harlan

Disability Federation supports you!

— Debbie Lobdell Brooks

I have known Sarah Carnes for 6 years! She is a wonderful person with a big heart!! She is a great advocate for education!!

— Freda Henderson

This woman is a dynamo!! I only know her from the art world of Facebook. She volunteers at so many events and always has. I honestly cannot understand how she does all that she does. I love her heart for art and would love to have her serve our broken state of Oklahoma to help bring education reform. I’m not sure if she is a dem or rep. I’m not gonna care about that this election.

— Kelly Smith

I have known Sarah for about 7 years now.  She has great character and is very knowledgeable. Can't wait for her to win this!!

— Vonda R. Baranski

I have known Sarah for five years. She is an amazing art teacher, advocate, leader, and human being. She was the elementary art coordinator for OKCPS when I met her, and has won many awards for her teaching and involvement in various organizations around the state. She has an abundance of energy, she is hard working, dedicated, and puts 100% into everything that she does and gets the people around her excited about it also.

Sarah is the change that we need in the House of Representatives. I highly encourage you to vote for Sarah Carnes for HD#47, she is a great leader and is passionate about the future of Oklahoma.

— Tauri Sims

I may be a little biased, Sarah is my cousin.  I remember when she was born! She has always been a hard worker. When she sets her sights on something she works tirelessly to make sure she makes it better.  She will work hard to help the people in her district.  She is an amazing teacher, working early in the morning til late ate night. She and Jeremy are wonderful parents.  They encourage their girls to follow their dreams and to be the best in everything they do.

Sarah I wish you the best in this election and am praying you win as you will do an amazing job!! Blessings Love you more.

— Donna White

I have personally known Sarah for several years. She has an abounding energy, a vision for the future with a plan to get it done, and a love for people. Her dedication to education is evident in her years of experience, her many earned awards and accolades, and in the love her former students have for her. She has already shown she has what it takes to serve the public. Vote for Sarah Carnes for House District 47! She is a dedicated public servant and will represent her state well. — Christine Wagner

Sarah Carnes is a genuine, compassionate leader who is dedicated to serving others, and when necessary, she both fiercely and gracefully stands up on behalf of her fellow citizens.

I have known Sarah for just over three years. During my first year as an art teacher, she was the team leader for elementary art teachers in the Oklahoma City Public Schools district. Sarah provided her expertise and emotional support while I adjusted to teaching art to over 600 students in a Title 1 school. I would have had great difficulty enduring that year without her help. Anytime I had a question, she was quick to respond or get to work researching if she didn't immediately know the answer.

During my second year teaching art and transition to a different OKCPS elementary school, upon entering my classroom just three days prior to the school year, I realized I did not have any supplies. The cabinets were bare. Sarah set to motion requesting supplies on my behalf and hit the pavement gathering what she could for me. She helped me in every way possible to gain enough materials to adequately provide art lessons for my students. This was not in her job requirements as the team leader; she did this simply because she cares. She knew these students deserved an education with equitable aesthetic opportunities.

Please know that when you vote for Sarah Carnes, you are voting for someone who will be the voice of her constituents. She is the type of person that cares tremendously and is equipped with the knowledge and skill to do this job well! Sarah, as she has done many times before, does not rest until she has exhausted every measure if in pursuit of something that is just, right, and necessary for our democracy. It is truly an honor to endorse this wonderful leader. Sincerely, Kendra J. Abel, Ph.D.

— Kendra J. Abel, Ph.D.

I have known Sarah for years through church and she has been a wonderful influence through my adolescence! This was my first vote EVER and I was so proud to give it to her. I believe her passion for bettering education and health in Oklahoma will carry us through her term with renewed strength and an enriched spirit for the improvement of our communities. GO SARAH!!! — Sarah Eckert

Congratulations Sarah! I followed the election all night. It’s great that all the effort that you and your team put in has paid off with a decisive win in the primary!

I think a lot of Oklahomans are looking for representatives like you that are willing to use common sense, fairness, and a moral compass as a voice for their constituents. People are fed up with extreme partisanship, virtue signaling, and politicians beholden to special interest groups (At least I am!). Good luck in November!

— Paul Gibson

Sarah Carnes is an amazing person! I have known Sarah for over 20 years. Sarah is a hard worker and she will stand up for what is right. Sarah is not a spoiled, rich, career politician. Sarah is a normal person, like you and me, who is not afraid to take a stand on key issues and do the right thing.

Sarah has a wide knowledge base on numerous issues. She also understands people from all walks of life. Sarah has worked in sales, run businesses, has a Master's Degree, and worked in education for many years. Sarah knows how to get things done on a budget and without a lot of fuss. Sarah strives to use her voice and natural talents to the best of her ability. Sarah will also be there for you in a crunch. Sarah makes every effort to follow through with action.

If you want an educated, smart, dependable, knowledgeable, informed, and hardworking Representative with a heart, then Sarah Carnes is the right person for you. I am absolutely amazed at how diligent and dedicated Sarah is to the concerns and causes that she takes up and commits to. Sarah will listen to the people. She is not afraid to take on issues, make her point, negotiate, but won't back down.

Sarah is a strong person but has a natural talent for working with people. She is friendly and approachable, not harsh, really listens and understands people, and can and will do what it takes to get things done. Sarah fights for what is right and works hard but she also seems to do these things without fatigue. Sarah handles stress well, understands what is important, and addresses issues as needed right away.

She is simply a great leader. Sarah will truly stand out in a crowd and will be an effective advocate for the people in this role. Please vote for Sarah Carnes for State Representative!

— Cheryl Gregg

While I knew Sarah was an exceptional teacher and person, having first met her in 2016, I was totally blown away with her amazing daughters.  Having met both their parents, the children exemplify the values of both parents.  What a voice they have for Oklahoma's future!  What a voice of reason they present right now! 

This is an amazing family representing Oklahoma values.  So proud to be volunteering and walking for this Got-It-Together Family for Oklahoma.  

— Cheryl Drabek

Sarah Carnes is an amazing choice for House District 47.  She has been a strong advocate for Oklahoma’s children as an educator, going above and beyond for her children becoming one of Oklahoma’s Educators of the Year.  If elected, I firmly believe she will continue to put all of her energy into making a better future for all of Oklahoma.

— DJ Ostara

I have known Sarah Carnes for several years. We both were teachers working with Art Students in Oklahoma. 

As I started to slowly pull away from my duties and responsibilities in education for retirement, Sarah starting taking on more responsibilities not only at her school but within her professional organization the Oklahoma Art Education Association (OAEA). At that same time I saw more and more teachers get involved helping more and more students reach their potential as artists and leaders in society.

Sarah has a way of connecting with students and fellow teachers that make them want to do their best.  She is very self driven and goal oriented.  I love her honest and frank demeanor.  She is a servant to others and always want what s best for all people.  Given the opportunity to serve in the House I see nothing but GOOD for Oklahoma.  I have no reservations. 

Dr. Bob Palmer, UCO Faculty Emeritus, Art Educator of the year 2007, and Governor's Art Award Recipient 2012

— Dr. Bob Palmer

From beginning of my art teaching career at Star Spencer High School in the fall of 2012, Sarah Carnes has been a strong role model and mentor to me.   I've watched her commitment to Oklahoma manifest itself through many activities, always going above and beyond to volunteer her time, energy, and money to educating students in Oklahoma.  She has volunteered countless hours working with and for the Oklahoma City education community, chairing nonprofits, and teacher organizations, attending professional development classes, facilitating events, writing grants, and seeking personal education experiences that would increase her already considerable understanding of our education system here in Oklahoma.

But here is why Sarah’s impressive resume is different: she doesn’t volunteer her time, energy, and money "Willy Nilly."  Sarah has worked within the system.  She understands that when you are problem solving within any type of big dysfunctional system, you must explore and research the issues, become familiar, talk with people who know and have spent time in that system in order to figure out the true root problems.  Sarah has spent many years watching, observing, and talking to people in a big dysfunctional public system, so she knows how to get a meaningful bang for her proverbial buck when it comes to time and energy investment.  I know she could help Oklahoma do the same, not just where education is concerned but in every other area as well. -Valerie Wiegman

— Valerie Wiegman

I had the awesome privilege of working together with Sarah this past year on the Mustang Foundation on their 1st ever silent auction! Sarah was instrumental in pulling together this auction where we had great success! She cares deeply for the children and their parents and wants what is truly best for them. She stands for what is right and good and values other educators! She understands what it will take to help make each student successful and what it will take on the state level to make education and other matters of importance a top priority! Her heart is in it and she truly has the drive, passion, and determination to make it happen! — Deanna Foster

I had the privilege of working with Sarah this last school year! We worked together to plan the first silent auction and dinner for our school district’s foundation, which provides teacher grants. Her ideas to include works of all students and her previous experiences helped us pull off this event with much success! She is dedicated, energetic, hard working, creative, and truly cares about the future of public education! Sarah Carnes will make a difference in this state! — Brandy Wheatley

I would like to take a few minutes to introduce you to a woman who is going to change our state for the better! Sarah Carnes is a very dear friend of mine. She has spent over 20 years developing the minds and talent of young artists as a teacher. Sarah has the most caring, giving, and non-judgemental heart I have ever encountered. Sarah doesn't care where you come from or who you are - she welcomes you with her vivacious spirit, caring heart and monumental soul. Sarah would be a major Leap forward, not for just our generation, but for us all as a community and state. There are no words that can describe or detail the impact Sarah Carnes has had on my life. When I felt I had no one and was the person that no one wanted to call their friend -- Sarah stood by me and never wavered. #votesarah

— Candi Coleman

Sarah was the art teacher at Fillmore when I first starting working there 4 years ago. Her dedication to her students and their work was noticeable from the beginning. It wasn’t long before I realized just how much she did outside of school for our community and our state. Not just for our students, but for all of the students in Oklahoma and for the Arts programs. She has a passion for what is right. She works tirelessly for what she believes in. She pushes her students to succeed because she believes in them and she celebrates their successes publicly and with great enthusiasm. Their successes is also her success. Sarah makes an incredible ally for education and the arts for her community. At a time where both of those things are in desperate need of action. — Ashley Wilson

Sarah is more than a mentor to me, she is a friend. She listens and always knows the avenues to take to get things accomplished. Sarah has made an impact on not only the lives of her students, but on her fellow teachers as well.
— Heather Seachrist

I attended school with Sarah for both our Undergraduate and Graduate degrees. I also had the opportunity of working directly with her at Dillard's. I know that her background, experiences and professional performance will far exceed your expectations. Sarah is one of the brightest, energetic, perspective and insightful educational leaders I have ever known. On a personal note, Sarah is very open, honest, and supportive individual: while she dedicates tireless hours "over and above the call of duty" to her hard work. Sarah clearly maintains her family as her highest priority. She is very giving and involved in a variety of community and church activities. Sarah is more than ready to meet new and expanded challenges. It has been my pleasure to know her these last 24 years. Sincerely, Mary E. Mykytyn M.Ed.

— Mary E. Mykytyn

I have known Sarah Carnes since she was a teenager, literally her entire adult life. I have known her and her family for almost thirty years, I was a hair stylist for twenty years and cut her hair that entire time. I have always known Sarah to be on time and punctual, with a smile and a hug. We've discussed politics and the days news just about every time we've been together. She's always civic minded. She goes above and beyond to help others and those in need. From the young girl adopting cats to the adult teaching her students to learn and grow, and running in this election, there is not a choice of who to vote for in this election. The Only Choice for me is Sarah Carnes.

— Blake Sanders

I’ve know Sarah Carnes for almost 20 years, first as an art teacher colleague and eventually as her mentor in arts leadership. She is knowledgeable and an all around great person of character and integrity. We can trust Sarah to carefully weigh all the options and find equitable solutions to any challenge that comes her way. Sarah is solid Oklahoma. Sarah is focused on our future!

— Susan Gabbard

I have known Sarah for over 30 years, first as a middle school student in my class, then as a fellow teacher and now as an outstanding leader in both art education and as a community leader. She is a sincere woman of outstanding character. Her leadership exhibited in professional and community roles has exhibited Sarah’s strength and compassion for both students and her community. I can envision Sarah accomplishing more for the people of Oklahoma as she assumes more leadership; a new leader for a vibrant Oklahoma. Barbara Baay, Oklahoma Teacher of 33 years (Retired)

— Barbara Baay

I teach art alongside Sarah and I have traveled the world with her. She is a dedicated community organizer and public educator who understands public policy. She is a problem solver, thinks on her feet and cares deeply about supporting public education.

— Michelle Barnes

I've known Sarah for more than 9 years. I met her as she worked hard to showcase her students' work while an art teacher for Oklahoma City Public Schools. I've known her to be a loving mother, a dedicated teacher and an advocate for both the arts and public education. She understands that it is through education that all Oklahomans will rise, it is through the improvement of our schools and the strengthening of our public education system that Oklahoma will continue to produce a powerful workforce and thereby bringing in new businesses to our state. As a mother, teacher, and voter, I wholeheartedly support Sarah Carnes' desire to serve this wonderful state and hope you will vote for her.

— Carolina Elizabeth

She has my support! Sarah is one of those unique individuals that believes in our students; believes in unconditional love, believes in responsible representation, and believes in public education. I believe in Sarah.

One of the finest individuals I have ever known. She deserves your support.

— Mark D. Van Dorn

Sarah would be a great representative! She has a great understanding of government and cares about the people who are in her district. She also is a veteran teacher and will represent us well!

— Brenda Myers Imel

I have known Sarah as a teacher and friend for a long time. She is very passionate and works very at everything she does. She does her homework and she cares. We need people like her at the capitol.

— Barbara Priddy

I believe that Sarah Carnes would be an excellent addition to the Oklahoma House of Representatives!

— M. Tim Blake

Sarah and I worked together for many years. She is smart, educated, and an advocate for children and the arts. Go get em’ Sarah!

— Felicia Barrientes Bumgarner

I have known Sarah over 20 years. She is an amazing person, mom, teacher, and education advocate. She will be an amazing representative for district 47.

— Lisa Lofgren

I've taught with Sarah in the same building in the Oklahoma City Public Schools for over 10 years. I have always admired her dedication to not only the children, but in the art world as well. She is always involved in community events. I am proud to endorse her as a candidate and to call her my friend.

— Shirley Schlicht

I've known Sarah for many, many years and she has been nothing but honest and passionate about helping others and doing what is right.

— Alexi Walker

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